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Exercises Making active sentences passive in the present continuous (He is building a house ⇒ A house is being built). exercise 1: rewrite the sentences (present continuous) in passive voice; exercise 2: fill in the correct passive verb form (present continuous); exercise 3: fill in the correct passive verb form (simple present en present continuous). Present continuous 1. Matching_MTYyNzM= Present continuous 2. GapFillTyping_MTYyNzQ= future plans or arrangements: Mary is going to a new school next term. What are you doing next week? Present continuous 3. TrueOrFalse_MTYyNzU= Present continuous 4. GapFillTyping_MTYyNzY= Present continuous questions. We make questions by putting am, is or are. We make the passive by putting the verb 'to be' into whatever tense we need and then adding the past participle. For regular verbs, we make the past participle by adding 'ed' to the infinitive. So play becomes played. Click here to learn about irregular verbs Exercises Making passive sentences (mix of tenses). exercise 1: fill in the correct passive verb forms (tenses are indicated); exercise 2: fill in the correct passive verb forms (tenses are indicated); Making active sentences passive (mix of tenses). exercise 1: rewrite active sentences in passive voice; exercise 2: rewrite active sentences in passive voice. Present Continuous Tense, Passive Voice. S + ( be) + being + past participle. This tense is confusing because the verb be appears twice. This example uses the verb tell as the main verb: tell / told / told. Singular. Plural. I am being told. We are being told

The present continuous (also called present progressive) is a verb tense which is used to show that an ongoing action is happening now, either at the moment of speech or now in a larger sense. The present continuous can also be used to show that an action is going to take place in the near future The present perfect continuous in the passive voice 'has been being achieved' is used here to show that the subject is not important. Is now threatening the local people. Here, the present continuous 'is now threatening' is used to show a state Active And Passive Voice of Present Perfect Continuous Note: keep in mind that it is not common in written English to change the active sentences from present perfect progressive, past perfect progressive, and future perfect progressive tenses into passive sentences in written English, but they could be rarely changed in spoken English Present Continuous Tense Active and Passive. Active and passive voice is one of the virtual structures for ESL learners. They usually find it difficult to change active sentences into passive and vice versa. In article below we are going to talk about present continuous tense active and passive voice

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English: Passive form in present continuous. 1. Mary is reading Peter's letter. >> Peter's letter by Mary. 2. To reach Mary, Peter is piloting a plane. >> To reach Mary, a plane by Peter. 3 Passives in Different Tenses: Simple Present Passive Simple Past Passive Will Future Passive Going to Future Passive Present Continuous Passive Past Continuous Passive Put the following sentences into passive voice. (past continuous) 1. They were expecting a guest.. 2. The chef wasn't cooking the meat.. 3 KOMPAS.com -Present continuous tense mempunyai ciri + -ing. Kalimatnya bisa berupa kalimat aktif dan pasif. Ketika mengubah kalimat aktif present continuous menjadi pasif, ada hal yang perlu diperhatikan. Mengutip Cambridge Dictionary, we can't make passive forms from verbs which do not have objects (intransitive verbs)

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  1. Notice that, in the continuous passive, the word being is always present - no matter what the verb tense is. Another place we often see the continuous passive is in news reporting. Here.
  2. The passive, one of the two grammatical voices in English, allows speakers to move an object of a sentence in the active voice into the subject position. The present progressive passive is an English verb form that refers to verbs in the present tense, progressive aspect, indicative mood, and passive voice. Formation of the Present Progressive Passive Just like most other verb forms in English.
  3. Exercise on Passive Voice - Present Progressive. Rewrite the sentences in passive voice. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. - My father is washing the car. - Farmer Joe is milking the cows. - She is taking a picture of him. - I am writing a poem. - We are not playing football.
  4. Learn how to use the passive continuous tense in English. Dan is being chased but he needs to complete his mission of bringing you an explanation of the cont..
  5. SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE: Contoh Kalimat Passive Voice Sederhana; PRESENT PERFECT TENSE: Contoh Kalimat Aktif dan Pasif Lengkap Banget . 3. Bikin Rumus Passive Voice Present Continuous Tense Sendiri Yuk! Jika kamu memperhatikan dengan teliti contoh kalimat Passive Voice Present Continuous Tense di atas, kamu akan menemukan polanya
  6. The present perfect continuous (also called present perfect progressive) is a verb tense which is used to show that an action started in the past and has continued up to the present moment. The present perfect continuous usually emphasizes duration, or the amount of time that an action has been taking place

Use of Passive. Use these passive tense for actions where the enphasis is on the object of the action. Example: My bike was stolen. Use the passive of the present continuous for ongoing actions. Example: An increasing number of degrees Are being offerd online Practice on mixed tenses: present simple, present continuous, past simple ID: 1279631 Language: English School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Grade/level: elementary All tenses (active - passive voice) by makeover: PRESENT SIMPLE- CONTINUOUS- PAST SIMPLE- CONTINUOUS by asungilsanz: Present & Past Tenses In the passive voice of continuous present tense, the sentence shows that the action is being done on the object. When we interchange the sentence, we should use an auxiliary verb with being and past participle of a verb in passive voice of continuous present tense. We shall see examples of continuous present tense. I am typing a letter Rules of making Present Continuous Tense - Active Voice Rules of converting Present Continuous Tense - Active Voice to Passive Voice Positive Subject + Is/Am/Are + Verb (Ist form) + Ing + Object + (.) Convert Object to Subject + Is/Are/Am + Being + Verb (3rd form) + By + Convert Subject to Object + Remaining + (.) Negativ

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In the passive voice of Present continuous tense we focus on the object the receiver of the action that is receiving the action in the present. And when we make passive sentences with a continuous verb tense we call it the continuous passive In an earlier program we told you about the passive voice Tense Subject Verb Object; Simple Present: Active: Rita: writes: a letter. Passive: A letter: is written: by Rita. Simple Past: Active: Rita: wrote: a letter. Passive: A letter: was written: by Rita. Present Perfect: Active: Rita: has written: a letter. Passive: A letter: has been written: by Rita. Future I: Active: Rita: will write: a letter. Passive: A letter: will be written: by Rita. Hilfsverben: Active

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Passive voice is form by using TO BE (in the right tense) + V3 (Past Participle) from of verb. We have already looked at how passive voice is used in simple tenses, i.e. Present Simple and Past Simple. These are the forms you will need most often, so make sure you know how to use them. Passive voice for Present and Past Continuous The passive voice of present continuous tense consists of assertive and interrogative sentences. If you have not read the Active and Passive Voice based on tenses, kindly read the same for better understanding. If already read, proceed. Present Simple Passive vs Present Continuous Passive I Gap-fill exercise. Study the sentences below and rewrite the second sentence in each pair using either the Present Simple Passive or the Present Continuous Passive tense. After that press Check to check your answers

Deze mensen zijn op dit moment allemaal iets aan het doen. Als je wilt praten over iets dat nu aan de gang is, gebruik je daarvoor de present continuous (het zit al in het woord 'countinuous', dat vertaald kan worden met het Nederlandse woord 'continu', dat 'onafgebroken' betekent) Soal Passive - Present Continuous Tense Rumus Passive Voice - Present Continuous Tense. Berbeda dengan active voice - present continuous tense yang main verb-nya berupa present participle (pada contoh tulisan sebelumnya: Present Continuous Tense), main verb pada passive voice - present continuous tense berupa past participle. Past participle ditemani oleh auxiliary verb be berupa. Passive (Simple Forms) Simple Present: I am driven: Simple Past: I was driven: Present Perfect: I have been driven: Past Perfect: I had been driven: will-future: I will be driven: Future Perfect: I will have been driven: Conditional: I would be driven: Conditional Perfect: I would have been drive Simple Present - Present Progressive - contrasted John play plays am playing is playing are playing football at the moment. We often write writes am writing is writing are writing tests at our school

Changing active to passive voice in Present continuous tense

Using the Passive Voice with Different Tenses We can use passive voice with most tenses. To change the tense of a passive sentence, you change the form of the verb 'be'. The main verb in a passive sentence is always in the past participle form Present Continuous Use (Also called the present progressive tense) Read about how to make the present continuous tense here. Download this explanation in PDF here. Present Uses 1: First, we use the present continuous for things that are happening at th Fill in the blanks with a present simple or present continuous tense form. Answers 1. I am doing my homework. 2. She works as

To make statements with the Present Simple Passive, use: am/is/are + the Past Participle form of the verb Note: We use ' am ' for first person singular (I), ' is ' for third person singular and ' are ' for second singular and plural nouns and pronouns Present Simple: Present Continuous: Things which are always true: Water boils at 100 degrees.; Things which are happening at the moment of speaking: The water is boiling now, so you can put in the pasta.; Permanent situations (or nearly permanent; true for a few years at least) ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE - PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE Active sentences. - Express an activity that is in progress (is occurring, is happening) right now. In the present continuous tense have the following structure: Subject + is/are/am + -ing form of the verb + object Affirmative: I am doing my grammar homework The present continuous tense is used for actions happening now or for an action that is unfinished. This tense is also used when the action is temporary

The passive of an active tense is formed by putting the verb to beinto the same tense as the active verb and adding the past participle of the active verb. The subject of the active verb becomes the 'agent' of the passive verb. The agent is very often not mentioned. When it is mentioned it is preceded by byand placed at the end of the clause Passive constructions in the present simple tense can refer to a particular time or situation: I am bored by him. (Can mean at the moment.) She is alleged to be cheating on her husband. And CNN is now calling it: Barack Obama is elected president this historic day. Ten minutes into the film, the main character is hit by a train Passive voice - Present Continuous Turn the following active constructions into passive: 1. They are building a new town hall in our town. 2. They are repairing this car. 3. The family is waiting for you now. 4. They are mending my piano at the moment. 5. They are just doing their homework. 6

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  1. We use present simple passive voice tense to talk about the actions of daily activities, habitual actions and universal truth. Same as active voice present simple tense, but the difference between being that we use the 3rd form of verb and object converts into a subject while subject converts into an object. Example Helping Verb = Is / Am / Are
  2. And as I mentioned above, the 4 tenses like the present perfect continuous tense, the past perfect continuous tense, the future perfect continuous tense and the future continuous tense do not change into passive voice. Do the quiz given below for Tense practice. Active and Passive Voice Rules with Examples - Modals and Imperativ
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  4. Present Continuous Tense is used to describe a continued or an on-going action of the present. These actions are occurring exactly at the time of speaking. It is called progressive tense because it refers to actions which are currently in progress at the time of speaking

The Past Continuous, Passive Voice. S + ( be: was or were) + being + past participle. This tense is confusing because the verb be appears twice. This example uses the verb teach as the main verb: teach / taught / taught. Singular. Plural. I was being taught. We were being taught Passive Voice of Present Indefinite Tense; Sentences Active Voice Passive Voice; Affirmative / Positive Sentence: Subject + V 1 / V 5 + Object: S (convert object to subject) + is/are/am + V 3 + by +O (convert subject to object) + RemainingRadha sings lovely songs Passive Voice, Present Continuous Tense When the present continuous tense is in the passive voice it looks like this: subject + (be) being + past participle. Example: You are being taught English Students have to fill in the gaps with the present simple of the verbs in brackets in the passive voice. 16,869 Downloads ALL PAST TENSES - active and passive - mind ma September 27, 2015 - In the present perfect tense we make passive verb forms by putting has/have + been before the past participle form of the verb. Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive

Present Continuous. Hier moet de Present Continuous ingevuld worden, dus: AM / ARE / IS + werkwoord met ING Bij deze eerste oefening zijn niet alleen meer bevestigende zinnen gebruikt, maar ook vragende en ontkennende. Je kunt eventueel terug om de uitleg van de Present Continuous nog eens door te nemen. <= => Note: alternative negative contractions: I'm not going, you're not going, he's not going etc.. Functions of the present continuous. As with all tenses in English, the speaker's attitude is as important as the time of the action or event.When someone uses the present continuous, they are thinking about something that is unfinished or incomplete. The present continuous is used 34 Test 1 Passive - all tenses 35 Test2 Passive - all tenses English Passive Simple Present 01 Active - Passive rules 02 Passive voice 03 Active - Passive examples 04 Exercises Active und Passive 05 Active Passive im Simple present 06 Active und Passive 07 Active - Passive word order 08 Active - Passive word order Passive Simple Present Continuous 31 Passive Present Continuous 32 Passive. Tense Active Forms Passive Form; Present Continuous: I am giving: I am being given: Past Continuous: I was giving: I was being given: Present Perfect Continuous* I have been giving, I have been being given: Past Perfect Continuous* I had been giving: I had been being given: Will- Future Continuous* I will be giving: I will be being given. Passive Voice of Present Perfect Tense; Sentences Active Voice Passive Voice; Affirmative / Positive Sentence: Subject + has/have + V 3 + Object: S (convert object to subject) + has/have + been + V 3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + RemainingI have broken a cup

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Present Tense Passive Choose: exercise 1 Write: exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3, exercise 4, exercise 5, exercise TENSE: ACTIVE VOICE: PASSIVE VOICE: Present Simple: I make a cake. A cake is made. Present Continuous: I'm making a cake. A cake is being made. Past Simple: I made a cake. A cake was made. Past Continuous: I was making a cake. A cake was being made. Present Perfect: I have made a cake. A cake has been made. Past Perfect: I had made a cake. A. Present Continuous Tense. Contoh passive voice present continuous tense: Active Voice Passive Voice; She is making a cake: A cake is being maked by her: I am buying a book: A book is being bought by me: I am building my shop this month: My shop is builded by me this month: We are managing this event really well We use the present continuous and past continuous verb tenses when talking or writing about actions that continue or continued over a period of time In our parents' guide to the continuous or progressive verb tenses we explain what children are taught in the primary-school classroom For past and present, there are 2 non-complex tenses + 6 complex tenses (using auxiliary or helping verbs). To these, we can add 4 'modal tenses' for the future (using the modal auxiliary verbs WILL/SHALL). This makes a total of 12 tenses in the active voice. Another 12 tenses are available in the passive voice (though 4 are rarely used). So now we have 24 tenses

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In general, you can't replace passive present perfect continuous by any other tense (for some sentences, you can). Consider . That bridge has been being repaired for the past ten years. You can't replace it with: That bridge has been repaired for the past ten years. because that doesn't mean the same thing at all There are two basic rules for converting sentences from Active Voice into Passive Voice, which are common for all tenses. The places of subject and object will be interchanged in the sentence. Only 3rd form of the verb or Past Participle (e.g. written) will be used as a main verb in Passive Voice In passive voice of continuous present tense of affirmative sentence, we use auxiliary verb am /is / are with being and past participle that is third form of verb. Passive Voice of Continuous Present Tense- Formation. In this, we use helping verb according to the subject that is-if subject of passive voice is first person and singular number that is 'I', helping verb 'am' is use

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Passive Voice of Present Continuous Tense . A cup of tea is being offered by Avyan to Kanika As you know In Present Continuous Tense The Structure Is - Subject + Is / Am / Are + V 4Th Foam + object In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of I Passive Voice (Present Continuous and Past Continuous) Passive Voice refers to a type of sentence structure in which the subject is the recipient of the action of the Verb. There are two basic rules to be followed for converting sentences from Active to Passive Voice, which are common for all tenses Continuous tenses, also called progressive tenses, are used to describe a continuing action. The present, past, and future continuous tenses are formed with the present, past, or future of the verb to be and the present participle, i.e., the form of the verb that ends in -ing: I am running for my life. We were sitting in the hotel lobby Soal Passive Voice - Present Continuous Tense Materi Passive Voice - Present Continuous Tense Direct object pada active voice menjadi subject pada passive voice dimana pada present continuous tense kata kerja be (am/is/are) + v-ing (present participle) diubah menjadi be (am/is/are) + being + verb-3 (past participle)

Rules for Active to Passive conversion: Tense: Active voice: Passive voice: Simple Present Tense: Subject + infinitive + object. E.g. The grocer sells fresh vegetables. S + to be + past participle + by object. E.g. Fresh vegetables are sold by the grocer. Present Continuous Tense: Subject + to be (is, am, are) being + present participle. Turn active into passive: bedrijvende zinnen omvormen tot lijdende zinnen: Oefening 1 met present simple , oefening 2 , oefening 3 , Oefening 4 met present continuous (present progressive) Oefening 5 met past simple , oefening 6 , oefening 7 , Oefening 8 , oefening 9 (meerkeuze) Oefening 10 met past continuous (progressive Active and Passive Voice 24 Example Sentences with Tenses Tense Active Voice Passive Voice Present Simple She delivers the letters. The letters are delivered. Past Simple She delivered the letters. The letters were delivered. Future Simple She will deliver the letters. The letters will be delivered. Present Continuous She is delivering the letters The present perfect continuous tense multiple choice test MENU MENU www.elt-els present continuous,22,present continuous for future,1,present continuous tense tests,10,present continuous worksheets,4,present passive,3,present perfect continuous,1,present perfect continuous tests,2,present perfect simple,15,present perfect tests,11,present.

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Online quiz to test your understanding of the Present Continuous tense in English. This is a free multiple-choice quiz that you can do online or print out. For ESL learners Tenses. Active Voice. Passive Voice. 1. Present Simple Tense: S + V1 + O: S + to be (am, are, is) + V3 + by + O: Many people speak English: English is spoken by many people: 2. Present Continuous Tense: S + to be (am, are, is) + V1-ing + O: S + to be (am, are, is) + being + V3 + by + O: Many people are speaking English: English is being spoken. The present progressive or present continuous form combines present tense with progressive aspect. It thus refers to an action or event conceived of as having limited duration, taking place at the present time. It consists of a form of the simple present of be together with the present participle of the main verb and the ending -ing

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As you know In Past Continuous Tense The Structure Is - Subject + Was / Were + V 4Th Foam + object In Passive Voice The Subject comes at last And Object Comes First Therefore the Structure of I The present continuous tense, also commonly known as Present progressive tense, is one of the most common and used tenses we have in English. We use this tense in at least 30% of our conversations. So, it becomes vital that we know how to use the present continuous tense the right way, and what situations we use it in This free present simple vs. present continuous 'Find someone who' activity helps to illustrate to elementary students how the present simple and present continuous tense are different and how to ask and answer questions using each tense. Give each student a copy of the worksheet In this present perfect continuous worksheet, students review the uses of the present perfect continuous tense and identify how it is different from the present perfect simple. Give a copy of the two-page worksheet to each student. Students begin by matching sentence halves together to make present perfect continuous sentences Negative Present continuous tense = Subject+ is/am/are+ not + 1 st Verb+ ing +Object. For example. He is not playing video game. I am not coming to the party tonight. Mark is not working hard for his coming exams. A monkey is not jumping on the tree. Shelly is not speaking to me due to some personal reasons

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Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #6874: Future (going to/will/present continuous) > Other English exercises on the same topic: Future [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Future simple - Express the future - Future perfect / Future progressive - When : What tense to put behind.. Present Continuous and Present Simple There are two types of exercises: multiple choice and gap-filling. In the first one, students choose the right option to build affirmative and negative sentences in the present continuous/ look at the pictures and fill in the gaps with the present continuous

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In this sentence, using the present perfect continuous verb tense conveys that reading War and Peace is an activity that began sometime in the past and is not yet finished in the present (which is understandable in this case, given the length of Tolstoy's weighty tome).. Recently and lately are words that we often find with verbs in the present perfect continuous tense Tense: Active voice: Passive Voice: Present Simple. S + V 1 S + is, am, are + V 3 Present Continuous S + is, am, are + V ing S + is, am,are + being + V 3 Present Perfect S + have, has + V 3 S + have, has + been + V 3 Present Perfect Continuous. S + have, has + been + Ving. S + have, has + been + being + V 3 Past Simple S + V 2 S + was, were + V Passive voice in present tense. Use the passive voice to emphasize the patient (the thing being acted upon) rather than the agent (the thing acting) in a sentence, by making it the sentence's subject. When the action is taking place right now, use the present tense passive voice

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Tenses are important and the sentence in passive voice changes with the tense it is in. Option 1 is in present continuous tense, option 3 is in simple present tense and option 4 is in past continuous tense 9. 'The police did not arrest them.' Transform this sentence into a simple past passive sentence. Choose from the following options

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